Lord of The Rings Trilogy

The ‘trilogy' was completed the following year with the publication of the third volume, The Return of the King. Since that year 1954, thousands of readers have set out to discover Middle-earth, fascinated by Gandalf's leadership qualities, by Sam's loyalty and Aragorn's pride. And these are just a few of the names that are familiar to all those people who have entered that world and never wanted to get out of it - but not only to those.

one ring to rule them all


We said that 2004 will be a remarkable year. In fact there will be celebrations, conferences and exhibitions all over the world. As Italian Tolkien Society (STI), we will not fail to participate in such an important event and pay our tribute to one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. And we intend to do it on a grand scale, involving, besides the British Tolkien Society, dozens of other associations that promote the Professor's work in every part of the world: from New York's Tolkien Society to Taipei Tolkien Society, from the Peruvian Tolkien Society to the Bulgarian Tolkien Society.


A Special Event

Thanks to the collaboration of institutions, partners, sponsors, speakers and many others, Tolkien's Fifty Years will certainly be a world-class event, worthy of such an author as J.R.R. Tolkien.

LOTR fan clubs

Lord of the Rings Games

Here are some of the newly released games we recommend that you might like to try. Transport yourself to Middle Earth by playing the Magic of the Ring mobile game on Android or iPhone. Or if you prefer some retro action, remember the superb War in Middle Earth video game on 16 bit home computers (Atari ST / Amiga / PC).

LOTR Fan Art

A selection of Lord of the Rings fan art sourced from around the web.